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Squeaky bushings and pivot cups rule I am so over having to lube up peoples. Bushings with veggie oil cause they hate the sound of the sweak the fact is thAt is when they are prime just like a cheese curd . Okay here goes my conformity #tbt #natesherwood bigspin pressure flip to 180 nose grind or if u grew up in 94 u would say switch five o but forget that noise anyway lets see how about #Eduskate um video by my #tripod photo by the one and only @blair.alley in the transworld parking lot on his lunch break just so I could meet a dead line if that is not dedoskation I have no idea what is I found the box at @grandeur1 they gave it to me it was their end table in the back lot at the old loskation on wi st I painted her yellow tossed some angle iron on her and now many moons later she is red in cr ia and ready to go to all fifty states after me or @deathbyiowa win the lotto this page will be more CreSkative and more rad than the edu ig cause I can use it for fun not marketing so get ready to read #pressureflip #pressuredemigod #tooshortoakland

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I have to go back and land this #hardflip vc: @cassieanguloskates #skateboarding

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