Better Balance on a Skateboard


Balance is the Starting Point to Skateboarding- LAND MORE TRICKS Balance is crucial in skateboarding. It affects your tricks and all transportation aspects of skateboarding. It is important to be aware of your center of balance at all times. Keep your center of balance in the center by keeping your upper body still. The other thing to consider is to make sure that your shoulders are always level on your board. If your shoulders are at any angle then it will move your center of balance. In result, this will either cause you to fall or to do a “mobbed” trick. This means that your wheels do not all land at the same time.

For more videos from Go Skate and Rob Dunfey, be sure to check out Trick Tutor which is Go Skate’s video source and one of the best online communities for learning skateboarding. There are over four hours of videos and a nation of 200+ students learning from Rob!


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