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Big Flip


Share your Big Flip tricks here using Instagram and #bigflip #bigspinheelflip

Big Flips are the combination of a big spin and kickflip, done spinning backside. Big Spin Heelflips are the combination of a heelflip and a big spin, typically done Frontside. These are advanced level skateboard tricks, especially when you’re taking them down stairs or across gaps. Doing these tricks into or out of any other trick is particularly impressive.

A Big Flip broken down is a 360 shove it where your board is simultaneously doing a kickflip and your body is turning a 180 in the same direction as the spin of the board.  When doing a Big Flip into or out of a slide, like a boardslide or tailslide, the board will only spin 270 degrees and your body will spin 90 degrees.

To learn a Big Flip, you should first lean a Big Spin (see our Trick Tip).  You should also learn Kickflips (another Trick Tip).  Share your Big Flips on this page once you learn them by using Instagram and the hashtag #bigflip.


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