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Learn how to 360 Ollie with this trick tip courtesy of GoSkate School.  Frontside and backside 360s make great additions to your repertoire of spin tricks.

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Before you get started with the 360 ollie, it is important to understand that some people find doing the 360 ollie switch to be the same difficulty or easier. Try the 360 ollie both ways.

Frontside or backside? Start your 360s using the direction you feel most comfortable with your 180s. Most people start with frontside.

Requirements of a 360 Ollie
-A solid ollie higher than 15”
-A consistent and effortless 180 ollie
-Caballarial (not required but helpful)

Step 1

Place your back foot on the tail of the board. Your back foot should be in similar spot as the 180. Your front foot will be just behind your front bolts. Allow your toes to slightly hang off your board. This will be helpful in pushing the board around all 360 degrees.

Step 2

Before you pop, start looking in the direction you wish to turn. This will twist your neck. As you begin to pop, you shoulders, upper body, and then waist will follow.

Think of twisting your body as “the wind up.”

As you “wind up” you are ready for the pop/scoop. It is hardly a pop, but it is a mix of a scoop and a pop. You must firmly pop off of the ground for height, but you must scoop your back foot to help with rotation.

Use your front foot to guide the spin. Think of your front foot as the “steering wheel.”

Step 3

You are soaring through the air. You have rotated 270 degrees. You are ready to land!
Now, hopefully you have enough height to rotate a full 360. You should start unwinding your body. Keep your eyes on the ground in front of where your board will land. You will notice that your toes may no longer be hanging over the front edge. This is normal! Aim for the bolts and ride away!

Not so lucky??
If you are still struggling to get the full rotation, you may wish to pivot into the full 360. Find a smooth concrete ground or even a pyramid to do 270’s and work your way up to 360s!

Watch the Video

Kurtis Colamonico, of, teaches you how to land a 360 ollie at the El Dorado Skate Park in Long Beach, CA.

Take Your 360 to the Next Level

Once you get 360’s down, you can add them to combinations like the tailslide 270 out, nollie 360s, boardslide 270s, and much more!


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