Lucas Klein

Skateboarder, Founder

Lucas began his skateboarding journey in 2000. What started as an interest quickly grew into a passion as he immersed himself in the skateboarding culture and lifestyle. In 2013, Lucas founded with the mission of giving amateur skateboarders more exposure.

Though he skates all terrains, Lucas has a preference towards wooden mini ramps and small-medium transitions.

  • Location: Claremont, CA

Arianna Carmona

Professional Skateboarder

Arianna Carmona is reknowned as one of today’s best female transition skaters. She consistently puts up high finishes in top bowl and vert riding contests around the globe. Arianna finished 2014 ranked #1 in the Ladies Pro World Bowl Rankings by World Cup Skateboarding.

You can often find Arianna shredding the most distinguished Southern California skateparks such as Vans in Orange and Huntington Beach.

  • Location: Buena Park, CA
  • Website: Link

Robert Hoffman

Skateboarder, Photographer

A lifelong resident of Orange County, Robert picked up surfing and skateboarding at a very young age. He frequents a variety of OC skateparks including Brea, La Habra, Laguna Hills, and San Clemente. He also enjoys snowboarding.

Whether it’s a skatepark, a street spot, or the boardwalk, Robert is always looking to ride.

  • Location: Brea, CA


Stuart Taylor


Stuart Taylor is the face of Pirate Photography. His portfolio covers everything from extreme sports to live music to creative portraiture. His skills also include skateboard videography. Stuart resides in the U.K. and is open to shooting just about anything.

  • Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Website: Link

    Christopher Wilkins III


    Chris is a dedicated skateboard photographer out of the Dallas area. He enjoys shooting all sorts of skateboarding, from rails and ledges to skateparks and pools. His photography is featured throughout and can also be seen on

    • Location: Garland, TX