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How To Do An Ollie


Ollies are the most essential trick in modern skateboarding. Learn how to do an ollie in a few easy steps with this trick tip.



We’re assuming if you’re trying to learn how to do an ollie, you’re probably pretty new to skateboarding. You may already know whether you’re goofy or regular footed, but if not, try taking a quick hop onto your board with the intention of rolling forward (you might want to try on carpet first so you don’t slip backwards). If you’re left foot naturally ends up towards the front of your board, you’re regular-footed. If you ended up putting your right foot first, you’re goofy-footed.

You may want to follow the rest of the steps on carpet as well. If you’re comfortable with your riding and balance, your driveway or sidewalk will be the best place to continue.


    When setting up for an ollie, your back foot should be centered on the tail of the board.  Your heel should be hanging off the back corner.  Make sure you’re back foot is perpendicular to the board.  In other words, your toes should be pointing straight out.
Your front foot should be in the middle of the board, about 2 inches away from the bolts.  It should also be perpendicular to the board and parallel to your back foot.  You may have to make adjustments when it comes to front-foot placement depending on your height and the size of your board.
The best and safest way to begin learning how to do an ollie is to do it stationary.

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    One of the most important parts of learning how to ollie, or learning almost any trick for that matter, is bending your knees.  When you’re ready to attempt an ollie, bend both knees simultaneously.



    This is it!  In one continuous motion, push down hard on your back foot and slide your front foot towards the top of the board.  As you’re front foot is making its way towards the front of the board (the nose), lift your back foot up.  Your feet should even out.  At the height of your ollie, your board should almost become level.
Getting your timing right is not easy.  It will take many attempts.  The most important thing is to not give up.  Many professional skateboarders still work on improving their ollies.

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    Gravity will bring your feet and your skateboard back down to the ground.  Your feet should end up on top of your bolts.  It’s important to land with your weight centered over the middle of your board.  If you land with too much weight on your back or front foot, you might slip out or fall forward.  Bend your knees to help absorb the impact.


    Almost no one lands an ollie on their first try.  Repetition is the most important part of learning how to ollie.  Once you learn how to do an ollie, you can try doing them while rolling.  Learning is one of the funnest parts of skateboarding.  After you learn ollies, you can move onto 180s, Pop Shove-Its, and flips.  Soon a whole world of tricks will open up.

    We hope this trick tip helped you… NOW GO SKATE!

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