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Grind Boxes


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Grind Boxes are skateboard obstacles typically made of wood with metal coping. They are typically about 4 to 8 feet long, 2 to 3 feet wide, and around 8 to 18 inches off the ground. Most grinds and slides can be done on a Grind Box.  Many skaters will often use a Grind Box for manuals.

A Grind Box can be built at home with the right tools and materials.  However, there are many regional and national skate ramp companies that sell Grind Box kits for reasonable prices.

Many skateparks have concrete versions of Grind Boxes. Sometimes, they are built at an angle or down a set of stairs.  Depending on the shape and how much of it is skateable, the term Ledge and Grind Box are used interchangeably.  If you’ve got some good skate photos or videos of tricks on a grind box, please share them on this page via Instagram using #grindbox.


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