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Recycled Skateboards – Why you should shop Everskate’s Recycled Collection


Everskate offers a variety of recycled skateboard rings, jewelry, art and accessories. You can find these in our Shop section. We’re always working to add new products and improve existing ones. We believe in quality, affordability and strong customer service. Here are just a handful of reasons why we think our cause is worth supporting:

Designed & Handcrafted by Skateboarders
Each of our recycled skateboard products are imagined and built by skateboarders. We take great pride in trying to come up with jewelry and accessories that other skateboarders will enjoy wearing.

Focused on Sustainability
Our main source material is repurposed skateboard decks and bearings. However, we take things a bit further. We try to reuse and recycled everything we can, either as a part of the end product and packaging, or as a part of the process. We sometimes use old skateboard griptape during the sanding process. We regularly reuse scraps of paper for shining (as a final stage of sanding). Friends and family often let us use leftover packaging materials from their online orders.

Individually Made by Hand to Order
We don’t make it until you order it. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. We don’t keep any inventory, so all our recycled skateboard products are handcrafted for you once you order them. If you have special requests, please include it in the order note when checking out!

We Support Amateur Skateboarders
When Everskate first began in 2013, we had a single mission in mind: to bring attention to amateur skateboarders around the globe. Skateboarding is different from other sports in that you don’t have to be a professional to do a trick that’s pro-level or otherwise creative, daring, or awesome to watch. We don’t have anything against Little League Baseball, AYSO Soccer or high school football, but skateboarding is perpetually under-supported, under-recognized, and under-funded. Our objective is to change this.

recycled skateboard, wood necklaces

Recycled Skateboard Bar Necklaces

We Support other Positive Skateboarding Causes
There are plenty of great skate organizations out there including Skateistan, A-Skate Foundation and Exposure Skate. We like to draw attention to all these positive skateboarding causes and encourage you to explore what they’re all about.

All our recycled skateboard jewelry and accessories are designed and manufactured with affordability in mind. We understand that many skaters and skate fans who want to support us might not have much spending cash, so we decided on pricing our products with them in mind. We want everyone to share our passion for skateboarding and everything good that can come from it.

Quality and Customer Service
We create our products to last as long as possible, but we’re always happy to offer replacements at no charge if needed. Response time for customer service inquiries is typically 12 hours or less during the week. We want to go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. Interested in seeing feedback from past customers? Check out our Etsy page where we have a 5-star rating across hundreds of reviews:

Ultimately, we love to craft our recycled skateboard products for you. Every item is made with passion and precision. The Ride Can Last Forever.

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