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Big Spin


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Big Spins are a moderately difficult skateboard trick in the shove-it family of skate tricks. The Big Spin is performed by doing a 360 shove-it while your body turns a 180 in the same direction as the board. It’s often done on street and in park settings, but is also a common transition trick. Some skaters may find Fakie Big Spins easier than a normal Big Spin, as it allows you to land back in your normal stance. The trick can be done both frontside and backside.

The Big Spin is done into and out of many slide tricks, such as Noseslides and Tailslides. It’s often done into board slides.  For many of these tricks, the board will only spin 270 degrees (along with your body 90 degrees in the same direction).

Big Spins combined with a Kickflip are called Big Flips.  When combined with a Heelflip, they are called Big Heelflips or “Big Spin Heel.”  A Bigger Spin is a Big Spin where the board does an extra 180.


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